Part 7: Regret was a Tangible Thing

The boy didn’t return the next day.

Nor the day after that.

The girl woke up every morning, hoping he’d change his mind and would return sooner than a week. But every morning, she was disappointed. And every morning, her regret weighed more heavily than the night before.

She’d finally made a friend, but she’d chased him away. She tried speaking with the dragon, to fill the void in her chest, but it just wasn’t the same. Speaking was all well and good, but when there was nobody around to respond, it became tedious, and only served to make her feel worse.

But it hadn’t been her fault. Had it? The boy was being presumptous, suggesting she climb down from the tower. Or worse – jump! He had lost his mind, surely. She spent hours staring down the length of the tower, trying to decide if it was possible. But it looked miles and miles away. There were no handholds to aid in climbing down. And, if she jumped, she would land on the back of the dragon, which was covered in spikes and rough skin.

No. She had been right to disregard his suggestions that he insisted were reasonable. Maybe he wanted her to hurt herself. Maybe he only suggested it so he could have her tower and her dragon for himself.

Well, she wasn’t going to allow that.

This was her tower. And, even if she had always wished for a door, and a way out, that didn’t mean she was going to give it up easily.

Her tower was special, she now realised. And only crazy people let special things slip out of their grasp.

Let the boy come back, if he wished. She would still be there.

But he would never set foot in her tower again.


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