A Burden

Today’s prompt: Write about a character that always says, “I don’t want to bother you, but…”

I’ve chosen a character from my WIP, who would definitely say this. It’s not so much a story, as an internal monologue, as to the reason he begins sentences this way. He’s a sad kid. Hope you like it!

His parents deserted him, this he knows.

Sure, the housemaid told him they’d left him in the care of the palace for his own safety, fled through the wall on the quest for something that’d better their lives.

But he knows the truth. They wanted a life away from him. He was an inconvenience, and they couldn’t live the life they wanted with him tagging along. And so, they heard the palace took in castaways, made them work for their supper, and they thought it opportune. Give the palace a new worker to exploit and abuse, and they can run off, gallivanting and doing whatever they pleased, now that they were free of the shackles his birth had forced on them.

Because if that weren’t true, they would’ve returned by now. Why aren’t they back? A demon made of sand? Those stories are naught but a falsehood. He is certain of this. On the other side of the wall may be a desolate land, but there is no such thing as demons who bring destruction to all who set foot on their land.

No, the only truth is that they no longer wanted or needed him.

And so, he walks through life, always in the way, trying to be of use in the palace, but there’s only so much a scrawny kid can do. He supposes the only thing keeping him in a job is the princess. She who is spoilt and dramatic, who thinks she has been smote by the gods, that she has the worst life. Even though she has a mother and a father, and a whole kingdom who reveres her.

But he is thankful.

If it weren’t for her, he would probably be kicked out of the palace, out of the city, and sent to one of the far away villages, to live in the stinking heat, and die in a dirty ditch.

That’s something at least.

If only he didn’t feel like such a burden.

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