The Antagonist

Today’s prompt: Write about your antagonist as a baby. Describe him through his mother’s eyes. This may not make much sense, since you don’t know really anything about my current manuscript, but I thought it’d be a good exercise anyway. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

His golden skin twinkles beneath the candlelight, and sparkles under the tears that are falling from her eyes. He looks just like his father. The same wide nose, and fiery hair. And something in his eyes, that mischief, that light that warns everyone to stay away, but entices them to come closer, if they only dare.

The same light she couldn’t resist. The same light that could very nearly doom them all.

She hugs him close, and a sob escapes as he struggles against her. How will she ever live with herself? Knowing the truth of what she’s done, knowing she is the reason her baby will never know his father, knowing that he shares no blood with the man he will eventually come to know as dada. It will only be torture. But it is all she deserves. All she will ever deserve in this life. Her lover dead at the hands of her husband because of something she fabricated with little concern for the consequences. Well, she feels those consequences now. Like hot iron against her skin.

But, she thinks, at least there is a little of the man she loved left in the world. His beauty will live on in the form of their most precious angel. Her soul may be tarnished forever, but her child will know no such misery. His life will be filled with joy and love and laughter, and though he can never know his father, he will still have his spirit, and in that, live the life his parents wish for him.

This boy will change the world, she knows. He will bring peace and prosperity – the greatest king, never mind about the royal blood. He will go down in history as the man who changed everything. For the better, of course.

For only good can come from the smile that shines from his face. Only good can come from all the love she feels for him, and all that his father gifted him.

He is what the world needs.

And as he grasps her finger, and giggles, his laughter like magic, there’s nothing she is more certain of.

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