Absence of Love

Today’s prompt: “Hatred is the absence of love.” Again, I just let the words flow, and I think I like it. Please do let me know what you think.


When I think of it,

I imagine red.

Fiery red in the

jealous eyes of an admirer.

Blood red in the

tainted heart of a betrayer.

Rose red in the

smooth hands of a pretender.

Wine red on the

stained lips of an abuser.

Ruby red in the

swirling dress of a manipulator.

Apple red in the

ingenuine smile of an impostor.

Everywhere, red.

In the nooks and crannies of the world.

Bleeding out

drenching the streets in

a violent hue.

People walk along

their feet sloshing through the hate

never noticing

but feeling it

without the words to describe it.



But hatred is empty.

It is not a visceral thing.

Not something we are born with.

Nor something we seek out.

It finds us

when least we expect it

and it seeps into our soles,

reaches to the ends of our souls

and we do not realise until

it is too late

and it is all we feel.

But hatred is also weak.

We need only combat it with one thing.

Its opposite.

Its superior.


For hatred is naught but the absence of love.

Find love and we find peace.

For love is also red.

Fiery red.

Blood red.

Rose red.

Wine red.

Ruby red.

Apple red.



We must only look and see


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