My W-I-P

Since I told you last week about how I got to the point I am today, I thought I’d tell you a bit about my Work in Progress.

In dot-point form!

  • It is an epic fantasy, the first in a trilogy.
  • Set in a quasi-Arabian world.
  • A kingdom surrounded by an iron wall, a plague on one side, a demon on the other.
  • There are multiple POVs. Some may say… too many… nah!
  • Girls and boys alike.
  • The bad guys are in charge.
  • But not everyone knows they’re the bad guys.
  • It all starts with one boy, and his quest for knowledge, and his parents who are a little suss.
  • The main characters, whose POVs are most common, are between the ages of 16 & 23.
  • There are whispers of rebellion.
  • And there are rumours that the bad guys are keeping something from the citizens. Something big. Something important.
  • Parent-issues galore.
  • Whispers of magic, too, but only the crazy believe in magic… right?
  • The rich are separated from the poor with yet another wall.
  • Conditions in the villages pale considerably to those in the rich areas, and the city.
  • And… there may be something in the water.

That’s all I’m going to say for now.

As for where I am at the moment: I finished the first draft last June, and have been editing and changing and adding and researching non-stop since then. I chopped the first draft into two parts. Part 1 will be book 1, and part 2, book 2, and then book 3 will come waaaaaylater. Book 1, of course, will need to be extended, a lot. I’ve already figured out the timeline, decided on new chapters. Now I just have to write out chapter outlines. And then get ready to write a new draft.

Sounds easy enough.

I’m not daunted at all.

It’s only my biggest dream, hanging in the balance, relying completely on me doing the work.

Wish me luck.

If you’re a writer, tell me about your WIP in the comments.

Ciao 4 Now.

2 thoughts on “My W-I-P

  1. That sounds like something I’d read 🙂
    My WIP? Aieee…I’m always thinking about two or three stories at once…right now it’s a short story (maybe?) with bookish magic spilling out into New York. And complicated enough it’s only growing very slowly…

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