First things’ First

Hello, and welcome to another blog on the internet. Thanks for tuning in. That’s an idiom from the olden days, when we had to tune televisions and radios. Is that still a thing? Sorry, I have this habit of thinking I’m older and less relatable than I am. Back to the point – I’m starting a blog! Because I love to write, and writing in my journal started to become tedious when I realised nobody was reading and offering me advice to fix all my problems, and make a million dollars – which, coincidentally, are the same thing! So, here’s hoping this blog fixes that. I’ll be writing about everything – books, movies, things I’ve learned in my twenty-six years on this spinning globe. I hope some of it is interesting to you.

I also have this dream of publishing books – it’s been in my head for almost twenty years, so I figure it’s high time I tried to make it a reality. The blog will help with that because I plan to post up short stories or snippets of my writing so that you wonderful, kind people can tell me if they’re any good, or a huge dumpster fire of trash. That’ll be fun! Because I need to become more comfortable with sharing my work. Otherwise, the first rejection letter I get will send me very close to death’s door. We don’t want that! No, sir.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. For this first post, I thought I’d do a little ‘get to know me’ tag thing, but instead of writing out answers, as one would usually do, I’m going to try give my answers in the form of Vines – you know, that old app where people would post funny short clips. I feel this is appropriate, because Vine is dead, and I’m often the last to let things go. Please, bear in mind – it will be impossible to find vines that perfectly answer each question, so, by the end of this post, you may know nothing about me still, or have just a very approximate and vague knowledge. But I feel, in a way, that that will represent me best of all.

Let’s roll, boys!

Q1: What year were you born?

Q2: Where did you grow up?

Q3: How tall are you?

Q4: Cats or Dogs?

Q5: Have you been to university?

Q6: Favourite drink?

Q7: What is your patronus?

Q8: Tea or Coffee?

Q9: Has a book changed your life?

Q10: Favourite movie?

Q11: Favourite fast food?

Q12: Favourite YouTubers?

And perhaps the most important question of all, Q13: Star sign?

That’s all, folks. Thanks for reading! If you did. Now you know me.

Ciao 4 Now!

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